88d888b.          dP                MM'""""'YMM M""""""""M MM""""""""`M 
88'  `88          88                M' .mmm. `M Mmmm  mmmM MM  mmmmmmmM 
88.  .88 .d8888b. 88  .dP  .d8888b. M  MMMMMooM MMMM  MMMM MM      MMMM 
88Y888P' 88'  `88 88888"   88ooood8 M  MMMMMMMM MMMM  MMMM MM  MMMMMMMM 
88       88.  .88 88  `8b. 88.  ... M. `MMM' .M MMMM  MMMM MM  MMMMMMMM 
dP       `88888P' dP   `YP `88888P' MM.     .dM MMMM  MMMM MM  MMMMMMMM 
                                    MMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMM 

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A tiny and minimal web platform for jeopardy ctf hacked around during the weekend,

developed for internal use at team flagbot

Flag format is "poke{...}". Happy hacking!


For now I'm hosting this at my own server, where I have a lot of other stuff so pls do not break it.

Playing together is encouraged, the main scope of this ctf is to explore the various categories.